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Own A Business? 3 Tips To Keep Your Wi-Fi Secure

If you own your own business, keeping your Wi-Fi secure is very important. You do not want someone gaining access to your computer system and stealing personal information. Fortunately, there are many ways you can secure your Wi-Fi, three of which are listed below.

Change the Password

When you purchase a router, it comes with a default password that many people will know. Instead, you need to change this password to something that is much harder for anyone to guess. How you do this will depend on the type of router you have. Refer to the owner's manual for the router and it can tell you this, or go to the manufacturer's website for this information.

Use a password that is as long as the router will allow, and use a variety of symbols, capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. This will make it much more difficult for someone to guess what your password is. You may want to consider changing the password periodically to keep it even more secure. 

Put the Router in a Secure Location

If you have your router sitting out where anyone has access to it, this is a risk potential. It is easy to hit the reset button on the router. Instead, put the router in a room that stays locked all the time. You could have a traditional door lock and key. You could also hire a security company to put a keypad on the door. This would allow someone to know the code to enter the room. As with the router, change this code periodically, just in case someone determines what it is.  

You could hire a security company to install video surveillance of the room the router is located in. This will allow you to monitor the router anytime you want 24/7 access. This is especially beneficial if you have a larger company where many employees could try to gain access to the router. 

Hire a Secure Wi-Fi Software Solutions Company

If you do not want to deal with any of this on your own, hire a secure Wi-Fi software solutions company. This type of company will make sure your router always stays secure. They have software they use to scan your network to detect attacks and other dangers. They can check if there is interference on any of the channels. 

This company can check to ensure your router is secured. They will also check settings and make changes as needed. For example, they may change the name of your network that is set on the router. If you have any problems with your Wi-Fi, this can cause a lot of problems with your business as you would not be able to access the Internet. A secure Wi-Fi software solutions company can take care of any problems you have to get you back up and running much faster.

Talk with the secure Wi-Fi software solutions company, such as Secured By VAULT, to learn other ways they can help you.

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