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Not On My Turf: Keeping Your Business Safe From Robberies

If you are a retail owner you know the threat of robbery is real. Criminals continue to believe their profit is going to be worth the risk they take while committing a robbery, whether during the day or after hours. You may not be able to convince all robbers from believing this, but there are some things you can do to decrease the possibility of a theft in your place of business while keeping your employees and customers safe. Read More 

4 Tips For Fire Protection In Apartment Buildings

When you are in the planning stages for a new apartment building or significant remodeling project, one of your top concerns should be protecting the building and residents against fire. With careful planning, you can minimize the chances a simple apartment fire will spread throughout the building. Create A Fire-Resistant Structure One of the best defenses against significant property damage and injury is having as structure built to reduce the spread of fire. Read More 

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Home Security Systems and Features

If you're interested in learning about home security systems, I've got the information you need. Hi, my name is Clark Stevenson and I was excited when I got a job promotion, but that meant that I would be away from home for days at a time. I was worried about my wife and kids being at home alone, so I decided to purchase a security system. I talked to several home security specialists and I even did some research online to figure out what type of security system I wanted. All of my research paid off, because my wife feels safe and I don't have to worry about her and the kids when I'm out of town. In this blog, you'll learn all about the different kinds of home security systems that are available and the features of each one.



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