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Three Unique Ways To Use Security Cameras In Your Retail Store

Every retail store should have at least one commercial security camera. Video surveillance is critical for documenting incidents of theft in your location, and the presence of cameras can go a long way toward discouraging people from breaking the law on your property. You may be in the habit of monitoring security footage to look for theft or even vandalism, but you should also put security out of your mind long enough to assess the footage that you're seeing in some different ways. Here are three things to think about when you watch your store's security cameras' feeds.

Employee Interactions

You'll often find that your employees are quick and eager to do their jobs when you're within eyesight, but you might sometimes wonder whether this is the case when you aren't around. Checking your security cameras' feed can allow you to monitor exactly how your staff members are behaving. When a customer comes into the store, is a staff member quick to approach him or her and offer assistance? Do staff members congregate in one area and socialize, rather than keep the store's shelves tidy and offer an inviting environment to patrons? With this knowledge, you can make the necessary corrections with your staff.

Layout Effectiveness

You can also watch your security cameras' feeds to assess the effectiveness of your store's layout. You might like the store to appear a certain way, but it's possible that the layout isn't serving customers well. For example, customers might avoid a certain area because it's laid out poorly — perhaps there's a small opening between shelves, and if a person is standing in this opening, other patrons will stay away from the area because it's difficult to get through. If you routinely notice such patterns while watching the security footage, it can prompt you to adjust the store's layout.

Staffing Needs

Beyond assessing how well your staff are performing, you can also monitor the flow of customers and the ratio of customers to staff. If this ratio is too low, frustrated customers may leave your store without buying anything because they aren't able to get help. If you run a shoe store, for example, and have three staff members who are tied up helping customers find the right fit, other patrons will feel ignored. The footage that you see could convince you that you need one or two more customers working each shift, which could end up being a profitable decision.

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