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3 Tips To Help Enhance Your Home's Security In The Summer

Now that summer is in full swing, you are probably enjoying the warmer weather, the excitement of your upcoming vacation, and relaxing picnics. However, one thing that summer also brings with it is a potential risk of home burglaries. Here are three tips to help protect your home and your valuables:

Tip #1: Switch Your Schedule Up a Bit.

Burglars pay very close attention to your schedule. They want to figure out exactly when you are and aren't at home, so they can attack. In many cases, they will rely heavily on traffic during rush hour to make their break-in. This is because you are going to be stuck in traffic for some additional time, giving them extra time to scour your home for "goodies".

During the summer, traffic can be expected to increase, which will make the rush hour that much longer. So, to ensure that thieves don't get the upper hand on you, try to switch up your schedule. Don't leave your home at precisely 6:20 a.m. every morning. Leave earlier on some mornings. When possible, try to leave work early so that you arrive home earlier. You can also arrive home later by going out to eat, going to a movie, etc.

Tip #2: Use a Lanyard or Clip-on to Keep Your Keys Close.

If you are leaving your home to go out for the night, such as clubbing, out for dinner or even to the grocery store. Your keys could easily slip out of your pocket and you not realize it, allowing someone to pick them up. The best way to avoid this from happening is to keep your keys close to your person at all times by securing them to a lanyard that can be hung around your neck or a clip-on that can be attached to your belt loop or inside your purse.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Windows and Doors Are Locked.

Since the weather is nicer, you will probably spend more times outdoors. You will want to keep your house locked since an intruder could easily slip inside and back out while you're out in the garden, and you wouldn't have the slightest clue that they were there. 

In addition, street traffic will be on the rise, so people could try to enter your home when they don't think someone is home. A good defense is to ensure your windows and doors are always locked. Don't forget to keep your blinds and curtains shut as well. This way burglars can't peer into your home and spot any valuables that they would like to steal.

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