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Prevent A Break In While On Vacation This Summer

When heading out on vacation, if you're holding your mail and your newspaper delivery – you're moving in the right direction. These two steps can help deter a suspecting home burglar, but they are just the beginning when it comes to keeping your home protected. Make sure you know exactly what to do to keep your home safe while you're on vacation this summer.  

Clear the Deck

If you have anything on your deck that can easily be picked up, this can be a target for a thief. Some homeowners think that simply because the deck is in the rear of the home and not in open view, anything they put on the deck is safe.

However, bicycles, outdoor speaker systems and small grills can all be carted away by a thief. Before leaving for your trip, take a few moments to remove these small objects and place them inside the garage or some other secure space.

Remove Your Garage Door Opener

Planning to leave one of your vehicles at home while you're gone? If the car is not going in the garage, it's a good idea to remove any garage door openers you keep inside. A simple break of the glass allows a theft to gain access to your entire home and if you don't have an alarm – they can take as long as they need to remove all your valuable items.

You should also consider removing your opener when you park your car in an airport parking lot as a quick glance at your registration can tell the burglar where to go with the opener.

Stay Quiet on Social Media

You probably want to tell all your friends about your 10-day trip to a beautiful, remote island, but don't. Posting about your trip on social media can be an invite for trouble. Not all home burglaries are performed at the hands of a stranger.

There are a number that take place by people that the homeowner knows, and sometimes very well. If you're telling everyone about your trip, including the details as to how long you'll be gone, this information could end up in the wrong hands. Save all your excitement for when you return home and you can post then.

Combined with a home security system, following these tips when you're heading on vacation can keep your home protected, saving you stress and of course, money. A home security professional can assist you.

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