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2 Reasons To Consider A Monitored Fire Alarm System

Installing a fire alarm system in your home is always a good idea, but you will want to make sure that you at least consider a monitored system. The key difference between a normal fire alarm and a monitored fire alarm system is that there is always going to be a staff of individuals at a monitoring center that will be keeping an eye out for any triggered fire alarms. Listed below are two reasons to consider a monitored fire alarm system.

Dispatch Times Will Be Much Faster

One of the biggest reasons to consider a monitored system is that it will allow for dispatch times to be much faster. In many cases, if you have a normal fire alarm, the fire department is not going to be dispatched to put out a fire at your home unless someone hears the fire alarm going off for the smoke exiting the home and calls them. The problem with this is that by that time the fire has likely spread to the point where the fire department isn't really going to be able to salvage all that much of your home.

However, with a monitored system, as soon as your fire alarm is tripped, the monitoring staff is going to contact you in order to determine if an actual fire has started within your home. If you or your family members do not answer the phone, the monitoring service is going to immediately contact a fire department and have them go to your home just in case. This can greatly reduce the chances that your home will be a complete loss due to the fire and can potentially save your lives if smoke inhalation has prevented you and your family from waking up If the fire started in the middle of the night.

Your Home Is Going To Be Protected When You Are Out

Another reason to consider a monitored fire alarm system is the fact that you and your family are not always going to be home, which means that there is a chance that a fire could start within your home when no one is there to notice it or hear your smoke detectors going off. As a result, you and your family could come home to find that your house has been completely gutted by fire despite the best efforts of the fire department.

However, with a monitored fire alarm system, the staff at the alarm company will be able to keep an eye on your home even when you happen to be on vacation, at work, or simply out of town for a few hours. In addition, if you are going on vacation, you can notify the alarm company and they will skip the step of attempting to contact you if the fire alarm should go off while you are on your vacation. Instead, the staff will contact the fire department immediately rather than wasting time trying to get ahold of someone in the home while you and your family are on vacation.

Contact an alarm system company today to discuss how a monitored fire alarm system can benefit you and your family. A monitored fire alarm system should be considered because dispatch times will be much faster and your home is going to be protected when you're out. For more information, contact a business such as American Service Company

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