Home Security Systems and Features

The Components That Make Up a Good Security System Installation

Do you want to add a security system to your home, but you're not sure what components you need to install? Here are some things that you'll want to use to make up your security system. 


You will need keypads near your main entry doors to activate and deactivate your alarm system. These keypads communicate with the main hub, and require you to enter a PIN to disable the alarm after it has been set off by entering your home. Activating the alarm when you leave is as simple as pressing a button to arm the system, and then you have a set amount of time to close the door behind you and lock the door. 

Entry Sensors

Every alarm system needs to have entry sensors. Their job is to alert you every time motion is detected from your doors or windows. They work by having two sensors that are placed on the door or window and the frame, and then when the sensors are separated they send a notification to your alarm system's hub. They can help notify you when someone enters your home when you're not there, or even when other family members have opened the door.

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor can be a great way to let you know when motion is detected in certain parts of your home. You may want to use one in your garage to notify you when someone's car has pulled into it, or to use them within your home as an alternative to entry sensors. For example, pointing a motion sensor at a bay of windows can let you know if someone enters the windows. 

Specialty Sensors

There are several types of specialty sensors that you can have, which may not necessarily be part of securing your home, but can give you peace of mind. Temperature sensors can let you know if the HVAC system has stopped working, and alert you of low temperatures before it gets to a point where a water pipe will burst. Water sensors can let you know if you do have a pipe burst or sewer system backup in your basement. 


Cameras can be incredibly helpful to confirm the alerts from motion and entry sensors. They'll allow you to see what is happening in or out of your home. You may want to install outdoor cameras that are sturdy enough to withstand the weather, or cheaper indoor cameras that have night vision capabilities. 

Reach out to a professional security system installation service in your area for help installing all of these components. 

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