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Building A New Home? 2 Types Of Security Systems You Can Add

If you are building a new home, you want to ensure everything is secure and that you and your family stay safe. To do this, you can install a security system. There are different types of systems you can choose from, two of which are listed below. You can then get everything set up when the builder is finished with your new home.

Video Surveillance System

You often see video surveillance systems installed at commercial properties, but you can also install this type of system at your home. This system can be installed so it is not detectable or you can have it installed in plain sight. One benefit of installing it where it is easily seen is it will likely deter a burglar from breaking into your home.

You can watch live video of your home if you are connected to the Internet, such as from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. This means you can see exactly what is going on at home no matter where you are. Videos are saved so you can view them when you return home.

There are also wireless video camera systems to make it easy to place them anywhere. Dome shaped security cameras can be wireless and they give you a complete 360-degree view of your property. Day/night video surveillance systems are another option. With these, you will see a clear image no matter if it is dark or light outside. This system has a light sensor that allows for night vision.

Monitored Home Security System

A monitored home security system alerts a security company if your alarm is triggered. The company will then contact local authorities, such as the police. When installed, the system is connected to a phone line. Because burglars can easily cut a phone line, you can instead have the system connect to a radio or cellular phone.

The company will install a base system in your home along with a digital panel. You will set up a passcode, so if the security company calls you they will ask you for this code to determine if it is really you. You will also need this passcode to turn the alarm off and on.

You can secure exterior doors, as well as all your windows. This way no matter how someone breaks in the alarm will go off.

Contact a security company in your area to learn much more about video surveillance and home security systems. 

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